• OMAP-L137/TMS320C6747 Floating Point Starter Kit
    OMAP, Hardware Features Texas Instruments OMAP-L137 device with a 300Mhz C674x VLIW DSP floating point processor and an ARM926EJ-S processor operating up to 300 Mhz. 64 Megabytes SDRAM SPI Boot EEPROM [...]
  • FPD-LINK III Deserializer board
    Jacinto 6 / TDA2x, OMAP, Hardware Features FPD-Link III Serializer and Deserializer, qty. 6 FPD-Link Connectors, qty. 6 Compatibility: Interfaces directly with the Jacinto 6 \ TDA2x Vision Daughter board and TDA3x CPU board. What's [...]