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The Ag5510 is a PoE Ultra module that can deliver up to 60 Watts of output power. This is ideal for applications such as WiMAX access points, door access control, microwave backhaul, PTZ cameras and remote computer terminals. The input Signature complies with the IEEE802.3at specifications and it is also designed to meet the safety isolation requirements of IEEE802.3at

·  60 Watt POE PD Module
·  Small footprint
·  Overload, thermal and short-circuit protection
·  IEEE 802.3at compliant signature
·  Adjustable output voltage
·  Minimal (low cost) external components required


    • Low cost 60 Watt POE PD Module
    • IEEE802.3at compliant signature
    • Small DIL footprint – smallest 60W module in the world
    • Power received on all 4 pairs
    • Input voltage range 37V to 57V
    • Dual output – 2 x 12V or 1 x 24V output
    • Adjustable output voltage
    • Overload, thermal and short-circuit protection
    • IEEE 1500V DC impulse test isolation (input to output)
    • Efficient DC/DC converter
    • Minimal (low cost) external components required
    • Simple integration

Ag5510 Evaluation Board

EvalAg5510 is intended for testing and evaluation of the Ag5510 POE Ultra PD module only. This evaluation board will work with PoE Ultra and Power Sourcing Equipment (PSE) that supplies power over the spare pair and or data pairs, e.g. Phihong POE60U. It is fitted with our new low cost and reduced footprint PoE Ultra 60W module the Ag5510. The Ag5510 has been designed to work in conjunction and be fully compatible with the new Ag6110 PSE modules, in applications where the full 60W of PD power is required. Please use the links provided to order boards or download the user manual.


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