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Ag6700 is a high power POE module, that can deliver up to 230 Watts of output power, over a standard Cat 5e / 6 Ethernet cable. It is a Power Sourcing Equipment (PSE) type module, designed to inject power into a CAT5 cable. It is designed to work with the Ag5700 Powered Device (PD) module to provide a complete Power over Ethernet (PoE) solution for very high power applications such as TV’s, LCD Displays, computer monitors and laptops. The Ag6700 incorporates a wide range of protection features to ensure the safe operation of very high power PoE.

·  POE up to 230W output
·  Smart signature detection
·  Minimal external components

·  Unbalanced Output Protection
·  Fast acting overload and short-circuit protection
·  Simple integration


High power PSE POE up to 230W output
Unbalanced Output Protection
Smart signature detection
Fast acting overload and short-circuit protection
Minimal external components
Simple integration

Evaluation Boards 200W PoE Ultimate Evaluation Kit (Ag5700 & Ag6700)

This kit is intended for use in evaluating the Silvertel proprietary 200W Power Over Ethernet (POE) solution modules: Ag6700 (PSE) and Ag5700 (PD). The total kit includes two evaluation boards, with modules soldered in. In addition the Ag5700 Evaluation module also has a heatsink fitted.

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