Low Power Bluetooth Module Mesh/iBeacon
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  • Description

    This is a bluetooth module, used for data transmission.USR-BLE100 is lower power bluetooth module with bluetooth 4.1 version.User can develop APP to conduct data communication with USR-BLE100 on the basis of standard BLE protocol. USR-BLE100 bluetooth module supports Mesh networking mode and one-to-many data broadcast.Meanwhie,the bluetooth module has built-in iBeacon protocol.It is a multifunctional, simple and low power IOT communication module.

    Features of Low Power Bluetooth Module

    • Support standard BLE protocol
    • Low power broadcast mode of 1.3uA ,sleep mode of 150nA,a variety of wake-up methods
    • Host/slave mode integration,quick switch
    • A variety of configuration methods : serial AT command,transparent transmission AT command
    • Support one-to-many data broadcast mode,built-in iBeacon protocol
    • Support Mesh networking mode to realize bluetooth self-organized network
    • Support UART Interface
    • 1.9V~5.5V single supply
    • Support power detection function

    Function of Low Power Bluetooth Module

  • Product Specification

    Wireless Parameter
    Wireless Standard 802.15.1
    Frequency Range 2.402GHz-2.480GHz
    Transmit Power -18dBm to +3dBm
    user can configure the power
    Receiving Sensitivity -89dBm
    Antenna Selection External: I-PEX connector
    Internal: on-board antenna
    Hardware Parameter
    Data Interface UART:2400bps – 115200bps
    Working Voltage 1.9V~5.5V
    Working Current 60nA~12mA
    Working Temp -40℃- 85℃
    Storage Temp -40℃- 125℃
    Dimension 18.2×26.7×3(mm)
    Software Parameter
    Device Type master/slave device
    Security Mechanism 128 bit AES engine
    Encryption PC1 encryption
    Working Mode master device,slave device,broadcast mode
    Setting Command AT+ command structure
    User Configuration serial AT command,transparent transmission AT command
    Application Software support customization
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