• Description

    GPRS232-7S3 is highly-integrated serial gprs module

    TTL to GPRS Bi-directional Transmission

    This is a serial uart to gprs module, used for data transparent transmission. GPRS232-7S3 is highly-integrated UART to GSM/GPRS module, Users can easily make communication with it among serial device,cellphone and network device. GPRS232-7S3 is based on GM3 gprs module. Clients can use the product to realize bidirectional transparent transmission from serial port to network through simple AT command.

    Product Features of serial gprs module

    • Support GSM850/900,DCS1800/1900
    • Support GSM/GPRS/EDGE and 2G/3G/4G card, but don’t support 3G/4G network
    • Support 2 sockets, Support TCP and UDP
    • 4KB cache for each of sockets, user can choose to cache data or not
    • Support register package and heart beat package
    • Support setting parameters via SMS message
    • Support multi work modes: SMS message transmission mode, network transmission mode and HTTPD mode
    • Support basic and extend AT command sets
    • Support similar RFC2217
    • Support flow control: RTS/CTS

    Function of serial gprs module

    Application of serial gprs module

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