Industrial 2.5 SATAIII

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  • Description

    Main Characters

    Capacity: 8GB~2048GB
    Temperature range: 0~+70°C / -40~+85°C
    Support: Power Failure Protect, Over Load Protect, ECC
    Conformal Coating support

  • Product Specification

    Model Name



     Standard SATAIII

     Flash type

    Industrial NAND SLC/MLC

     OS Compatibility

     Windows 7 / Windows Vista /  Windows XP / Win2003 / Linux


    SLC:8GB~512GB; MLC:16GB~2048GB



     Sequential Read/Write

     Up to 550MB/s

     Power Comsumption

     0.5W(idle), 3.95W(operating)

     4K Random IOPS

     Up to 72,000


     2,000,000 hours

     Operating Temperature


     Storage Temperature




     Write Protect


     Temperature Sensor





     50(G), 11(ms), half-sine wave


     2-500Hz at 3.1G


     Up to 12 9-bit per 512-byte sector


     Intelligent Dynamic&Static Wear-Leveling


     3 year limited



     2. Support Conformal Coating(optional)

     Recommended Applications

    Industrial Computer, Industrial Systems, Surveillance, Monitoring Systems etc, which requires both good stability and high performance.

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