Super Port Serial TTL UART to Ethernet/RJ45 Module
  • Description

    Super Port K1 realizes bidirectional transmission between TTL and Ethernet.It can replace serial ethernet module and serial server.It is of low cost.

    UART to Ethernet of RJ45 Module

    This is a serial TTL to Ethernet module, used for data transparent transmission. K1 is the low-cost version of Super Port.It is an embedded serial networking module,whose function is to realize bidirectional transparent transmission between TTL and Ethernet.The amazing part of K1 lies in its Ethernet port integration design.You can apply K1 to your products to realize networking communication.User can directly process data interaction through network and device to realize remote data acquisition, remote control and management.
    Baud Rate SynchEmbedded Application33.02×19.01×19.15(mm)

    K1 K2 K3 Function Comparison

    Features RJ45 Module

    • 10/100M auto detect interface;
    • Support AUTO MDI/MDIX, Can use a crossover cable or parallel cable connection;
    • Serial com port bound rate can set up from 300 to 790000 bps,and None,Odd,Even,Mark,Space five check bits;
    • Work mode TCP Server, TCP Client, UDP, UDP Server;
    • Working model related parameters can be set via a serial port or network;
    • 3.3 V TTL level compatible;
    • Small Size : 33.02 x 19.01 x 19.15 (mm)
    • Virtual serial port supported;
    • Unique heartbeat package mechanism to ensure that the connection is reliable, put an end to connect feign death;
    • Under UDP mode, Packet Broadcast is prohibited, with stronger anti-interference ability;
    • Across the gateway, across switches, routers;
    • Can work in LAN, also can work on the Internet (external network)

    Baud Rate SynchEmbedded Application33.02×19.01×19.15(mm)

    Working Mode of RJ45 Module

  • Product Specification

    System Information
    Processor ARM
    Flash 32K byte
    Port Number 1
    Interface Standard 8 pin RJ45
    Rate 10/100 Mbps,MDI/MDIX,auto switch between cross and direct connection
    Protection 2KV electromagnetism isolation
    Network Protocol IP,TCP,UDP,ARP,ICMP
    Buffer send: 2K bytes,receive: 1K bytes
    Port Number 1
    Interface Standard TTL: pin type 3.3V
    Data Bits 5,6,7,8
    Stop Bit 1,1.5,2
    Check Bit None,Even,Odd,Space,Mark
    Baud Rate TTL:110 bps ~ 790 Kbps
    Flow Control null
    Buffer receive: 800 bytes
    RS-485 Pull-up and Pull-Down Resistor null,reserved 485 send-receive control pin
    Virtual Serial(USR-VCOM) Windows 2000 or higher(32 bit/64 bit)
    Configuration computer set-up software,serial command,network command
    Basic Parameter
    Size 33.02 x 19.01 x 19.15 (mm) (including clips)
    Operating Temp. -25 ~ 75°C
    Storage Temp. -40 ~ 85°C,5 ~ 95% RH (no condensation)
    Input Voltage DC 3.3V
    Working Current 200mA(MAX)@ 3.3V
    Power <1W
    Certificate null
    Warranty 2 years
    Accessory null
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