Serial Device Server,RS232 RS485 to Ethernet TCP/IP Converter
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  • Description

    RS232/RS485 & Ethernet Bidirectional Transparent Transmission

    This is a serial RS232/RS485 to Ethernet server, used for data transparent transmission. TCP232-300 Ethernet to serial converter is an equipment for converting TCP or UDP socket data to RS232.It is an embedded Ethernet to serial device that integrates a TCP/IP protocol stack.

    Product Features of Ethernet TCP IP Converter

    • 10/100M auto detect interface;
    • support AUTO MDI/MDIX, Can use a crossover cable or parallel cable connection;
    • Work mode TCP Server, TCP Client, UDP, UDP Server;
    • Working model related parameters can be set via a serial port or network;
    • 5 V RS232/RS485 level ;
    • Virtual serial port supported;
    • Unique heartbeat package mechanism to ensure that the connection is reliable, put an end to connect feign death;
    • Under UDP mode, Packet Broadcast is prohibited, with stronger anti-interference ability;
    • across the gateway, across switches, routers;
    • Can work in LAN, also can work on the Internet (external network);
    • Transmission distance: RS232 – 15 meters, RS485 – 1000 meters;
    • 32 bits ARM CPU inside;
    • LAN : 10/100Mbps; protect: Built-2KV isolated electromagnetic;
    • serial port baud rate: from 300 to 230400bps can be set up, and up to 3 MBPS;
    • network protocol: ETHERNET ARP IP UDP TCP ICMP;
    • Software tool: configuration software, TCP/UDP test soft, RS232 debug soft;
    • Configuration method: RS232 or via Ethernet, free software available;

    Work Mode of Ethernet TCP IP Converter

    Work Mode of Ethernet TCP IP Converter

  • Product Specification

    System Information
    Processor ARM
    Flash 32K byte
    Port Number 1
    Interface Standard 8 pin RJ45
    Rate 10/100 Mbps,MDI/MDIX,auto switch between cross and direct connection
    Protection 2KV electromagnetism isolation,shell insulation blocking
    Network Protocol IP,TCP,UDP,ARP,ICMP
    Buffer send: 2K bytes,receive: 1K bytes
    Port Number 2 (1*RS-232,1*RS-485,can not work at the same time)
    Interface Standard RS-232: DB9 cellular type,RS-485:2 wire (A+,B-)
    Data Bits 5,6,7,8
    Stop Bit 1,1.5,2
    Check Bit None,Even,Odd,Space,Mark
    Baud Rate RS-232:110 bps ~ 921.6 Kbps,RS-485:110 bps ~ 1024K bps
    Flow Control null
    Buffer receive: 800 bytes
    Protection RS-485: anti-static 2KV
    RS-485 Pull-up and Pull-Down Resistor 2.2 KΩ
    Virtual Serial(USR-VCOM) Windows 2000 or higher(32 bit/64 bit)
    Configuration computer set-up software,serial command
    Basic Parameter
    Size 95 x 85 x 25 mm
    Operating Temp. -25 ~ 75°C
    Storage Temp. -40 ~ 85°C,5 ~ 95% RH(no condensation)
    Input Voltage DC 5V
    Working Current 200mA(MAX)@ 5V
    Power <1W
    Certificate CE,FCC
    Warranty 2 years
    Accessory 5V1A high-quality power supply,male to male serial line,cable
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