• Description

    Serial TTL to Ethernet Module

    TCP232-T2 is a Low Cost Solution Serial TTL to Ethernet Module, It supports data transferred over LAN network or Internet to remote serial port.

    • Cost Effective
    • VCC 3.3V or VDD 5V
    • Web page configuration / DHCP & DNS


    Introduction of Serial UART Ethernet Module

    TCP232-T2 Serial TTL to Ethernet Module which can realize data bidirectional transparent transmission between serial TTL and RJ45 Port.  TCP232-T2 is based on Cortex-M0 core- low cost solution. It has characters of low power, fast speed and high efficiency.

    Serial UART Ethernet Module – M0 Series

    SolutionCost-Effective, -25~75C
    Keep-AliveDetect the inactive connection, rebuild connection automatically
    Built-In WebpageConfigure parameters
    DHCP+DNSDNS and DHCP automatically obtain an IP address
    FirmwareUpgrade firmware via network
    Client connectionSupport 1 to 16 clients to be connected in TCP server mode

    Feature of Serial UART Ethernet Module

    DHCP &DNS, automatically obtain an IP address and query IP address through serial setting protocol
    Set parameters through webpage and serial AT command
    Upgrade firmware via network
    Auto-MDI/MDIX, RJ45 port with 10/100Mbps
    Serial port baud rate from 600 bps to 460.8 Kbps, Check bit of None,Odd,Even,Mark and Space
    Work mode: TCP Server, TCP Client, UDP Client, UDP Server, HTTPD Client
    Support virtual serial port and provide corresponding software USR-VCOM
    Heartbeat package mechanism to ensure connection is reliable, put an end to dead link
    User-defined registration package mechanism, check connection status and use as custom packet header
    Under TCP Server mode, Client number ranges from 1 to 16; default number is 4
    The global unique MAC address bought from IEEE, user can define MAC address
    Restore factory default
    Across the gateway, switches, routers
    Can work in LAN, also can work in the Internet (external network)
    Provide PC TCP/IP socket programming example such as VB,C++,Delphi,Android and IOS
    Support customization

    Application Field of Serial UART Ethernet Module

    Industrial data transmission, industrial automation
    security and protection monitoring, public security
    Smart home, power control, environmental monitoring, intelligent agriculture
    Door check on work attendance system, POS system, rice selling system
    Building automation system, power monitoring, self-service banking system, telecom machine room monitoring

    Image of Serial UART to Ethernet Module

    Image of Serial UARTto Ethernet Module
  • Product Specification

    System Information
    Flash32K byte
    Port Number1
    Interface StandardRJ45
    Rate10/100 Mbps, MDI/MDIX, auto switch between cross and direct connection
    Protection2KV electromagnetism isolation
    Network ProtocolIP, TCP, UDP, DHCP, DNS, HTTP, ARP, ICMP
    BufferSend: 6K bytes, receive: 4K bytes
    Port Number1
    Interface StandardTTL
    Data Bits5, 6, 7, 8
    Stop Bit1, 2
    Check BitNone, Even, Odd, Space, Mark
    Baud Rate600 bps ~ 460.8 Kbps
    Flow ControlNull
    BufferReceive: 800 bytes
    RS-485 Pull-up and Pull-Down ResistorNull, reserved 485 send-receive control pin
    Virtual Serial(USR-VCOM)Windows 2000 or higher (32 bit/64 bit)
    Configurationcomputer set-up software, serial command, built-in webpage, AT command
    Basic Parameter
    Size50.5 x 22.6 x 15.0 mm
    Operating Temp.-25~ 75°C
    Storage Temp.-40 ~ 105°C, 5 ~ 95% RH
    Input Voltage
    VCC DC 3.0V~3.6V
    VDD DC 4.75~7.0V
    Working Current
    150mA (aver) / 160mA (max) @3.3V
    150mA (aver) / 160mA (max) @5V
    Warranty2 years
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