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The Ag6110 is a single channel, 74W output small package SIL POE Ultra PSE module. It injects power into conventional twisted pair Cat5/6 Ethernet cables. Ag6110 modules are compatible with IEEE 802.3af POE and 802.3at PoE+ devices and PD modules (e.g. Ag9900, Ag5200 or Ag5300). In particular it has been specifcally designed to complement the Ag5510 60W POE Ultra PD module for an end to end Silvertel POE Ultra solution. Ag6110 is fully compatible with other POE Ultra powered devices and modules (e.g. Ag5510). Ag6110 will operate across the Temperature range (-40C to +70C). Ag6110 requires an isolated 48 – 57V DC input power supply.

Compliant with Ultra PoE
IEEE802.3at Type 1(af) & Type 2

Over Current & Short Circuit Protection

Low Cost

Small SIL package footprint

Signature & Class recognition

High Power 74W PoE Ultra output


  • Higher power POE Ultra (Replacement for Ag6100HP)
  • Small SIL Footprint
  • 53mm (L) x 7mm (W) x 14mm (H)
  • IEEE802.3af & at compatible
  • Over Current & Short Circuit Protection
  • Signature & Class recognition
  • 74W Maximum Output Power
  • Very Low Power Dissipation
  • Compatible with Ag5510 POE Ultra PD module
  • Simple integration

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