About us

GR Communication offers its services in 2 main areas of activity:

  1. The official and exclusive representative of the British Silvertel company:

Silvertel specializes in the development and production of POE and DC/DC modules in a large variety of supplies and output voltages.

The modules that the company develops and manufactures support the following standards:

802.3af (802.3at Type 1), PoE

802.3at Type 2, PoE+

802.3bt Type 3, 4PPoE[27] or PoE++

802.3bt Type 4, 4PPoE or PoE++

A customer who is developing his products and needs a standard POE solution, built into the hardware of his products, can purchase Silvertel’s POE modules, embed the modules in the hardware easily while receiving full free of charge samples, technical support directly from Silvertel engineers, including design overview.

The applications in which POE modules are used are many and varied such as: network telephones (VOIP), network cameras (IP), WIFI products, alarm products and such. In fact today, due to the fact that high power is possible in a POE solution, POE can be implemented in almost any product that has a network (LAN) connection.

  1. Sale and installation of communication systems and security cameras:

As part of this activity, we provide for all customers (offices, private homes, institutions, hotels, etc.) all wired and wireless communication needs, starting with the execution of cable infrastructures, communication cabinets, the establishment of communication systems (communication switches, installation of wireless WIFI communication, routers and more) and installing security camera systems.

The company has extensive experience in establishing long-range wireless networks (Point to Point) for the purpose of transmitting broadband Internet over long distances and video from security cameras, which are located far from the focal point / viewing center.

GR-Communication continues at a constant pace with the innovations and trends in the market and technologies, and thus is able to provide deep technical support and solutions for challenges posed by our customers. Providing high quality products, solutions and uncompromising service.

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