Who we are?

With over 20 year of field-proven experience G.R. Communication LTD achieved an aggressive and constant growth. We established our position as a leading Agency Company in the Wireless communication market, Texas Instruments DSP Development Tools and POE solutions.
G.R. Communication is a one-stop-shop that provides original solutions to your most complex needs.

• Hardware, Software design and System Integration Solutions for Embedded systems mainly based on Texas Instruments DSPs. In this market we provide Texas Instruments 3rd Party development tools products, support and training.

• In the Communication & Networking market, G. R. Communication teamed with AirLive to introduce the Israeli market the state-of-the-art Wireless Networking and video solutions equipment.

• POE (Power Over Ethernet) solutions- we offer a complete end-to-end line of products, starting from the PSE side – POE switches, POE injectors, special cables and POE modules for the power device (PD).

• For the security market, we provide:

  1. Wireless Communications:
  • Planning and deploying Point-to-point and point-to-multipoint complex wireless networks, including long range links, high bandwidth networks (video and surveillance networks), high radio/magnetic interference environments and others.
  • Wireless campuses coverage – namely hotels, resorts, schools, hospitals etc.
  1. Video Surveillance – Security Cameras:
  • Wide range of Video surveillance solutions that enable a wide variety of applications such as Gas stations, parking lots, retail, home & office, logistics hubs & warehouses, restaurants, hotels, industrial facilities and many more.
    These solutions include digital IP cameras with intelligent Video Analytics.
  1. Perimeter security – Laser based Radar:
  • Virtual Fencing based on Laser Radar Technology.
  • The company markets high-end technology of Laser sensors that, combined with a central management system, offering a comprehensive solution for physical and virtual perimeter. security.
  • Laser radar systems has been installed at various locations that require strict security measures, like chemical plants, military and naval bases, high security jails, fuel and gas storages & airports.

We believe in offering our customers:

  • High quality products and systems tailored for their specific needs.
  • Long lasting relationship by providing best in class support & installation services for each of our security applications.
  • Consulting, project planning and management services.
  • System integration when the application requires the combination of all the above security applications. (For example Smart city)
GR Communication is constantly keeping up with rapidly changing market trends and technologies, thereby able to provide deep technical support and solutions to the challenges that our customers face. Providing high quality products, solutions and services to many industry-leading customers such as Elisra, Astronautics, Elbit and Rafael, G.R. Communication established itself as a credible provider of innovative solutions.

Companies we represent