Large warehouse spread out over extensive complexes can be challenging to secure. With the help of a carefully placed AirLive surveillance solution, warehouse owners and managers can focus on at-risk areas and minimize the threat of theft and maximize the profit.


Reduce theft

Implementing AirLive surveillance solution for warehouses will identify the intruders or theft. By implementing outdoor security cameras at the entrance area can also be visible reminder for theft that the area is monitored and secure.

Remote monitoring
AirLive surveillance networking solutions offer customer to have remote monitoring even with their mobile devices. When the alarm triggers, remote monitoring can be critical to prevent vandalism and secure the properties.
Securing indoor and outdoor

Security for Warehouse is important in both indoor to protect assets and outdoor environments to prevent intruders. AirLive has suitable models for all warehouse application. Surveillance day and night will be key feature to save cost on security guards.

Automatic alerts around the clock

AirLive has IP cameras which support to send out alerts automatic when detected intruders. By doing so, the solution can save costs on security guards and increase security efficiency by decrease chances of false alarm.

Solution Sample

AirLive 2-Megapixel 20X Optical Zoom Speed Dome

AirLive Speed Dome SD-2020 - Smart tracking (Optional)