Office applications require high level of security to protect the employee and assets. Surveillance solution can also be a valuable tool to increase productivity with its intelligent functions. AirLive surveillance solutions with open Onvif standard that offer users to integrate other security system.


Securing Indoor and Outdoor

Security for enterprise is important in both indoor and outdoor environments. AirLive has suitable models for all enterprise/ office application. Surveillance around the clock will be key feature for this type of application. Automatic alerts to security guards can help guard to assess whether action is required. This can effectively prevent vandalism and break-ins.

Enhance Surveillance Efficiency with Intelligent Surveillance

The use of intelligent surveillance with motion detection and object counting helps to quickly detect suspect actions outside or inside of office after office hours. This will not only increase the speed of responding alerts, but also preventing responding false alarms.

Remote Monitoring

AirLive surveillance solutions offer customer to have remote monitoring even with their mobile devices and remote location. When the alarm triggers, remote monitoring can be critical to prevent vandalism and secure the properties of office and enterprise.

Increasing Productivity

AirLive surveillance solution can easily become a valuable tool to increase the overall production efficiency. Authorized personal can remotely monitor manufacturing lines and working areas. With surveillance solution as a tools to monitoring the work place, it can helps on managing production lines and certain work places.

Solution Sample

AirLive IVS IP Camera - Face Detection

AirLive Surveillance Networking for Office Applications