The Laser Radar sensor line of products contains few different models (see attached table) that covers a variety of detection ranges and scanning angles to accommodate different needs and requirements. All systems are weather proof IP66 for outdoor security in various sites and facilities such as airports, power plants, jails, sea ports, military bases etc.

The sensors use the Time of Flight Technology. By measuring the distance to surrounding objects, they build a “map” of their environment. Subsequently, the sensors continuously asses the changes in their respective environment and adapts the detection thresholds. A target is detected when the detection thresholds are exceeded.

The DFSL proprietary Laser Radar technology contains 3 key blocks:

1.The Analogue Unit of the Laser Range Finder.
creation, emission and receive of the laser pulses.

2.The Electro-Optic block and the Scanning Mechanism.
lenses and optical filters which determine the size of the beam.
It also includes the Scanning Mechanism which provides the rotation speed of the beam and the scanning sector.

3.The Algorithm.
This is the “heart” of the Automatic Target Detection.
The algorithm updates the map and adapts it for changes due to rain, wind (moving bushes), etc.

DFSL products are FDA registered, CE marked & eye safe

Range (Radius)
Up to 100mUp to 200mOver 200+ m
Scanning angle100°LFS60

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