LFS crates a thin laser detection curtain. It is aimed at High End Security users.
Typically it is used for security fences or area surveillance of critical infrastructures.It scans a circular sector of 100 degrees. The maximum detection range is 160 m.
The detection area is scanned at a high rate of up to 16 times per second. It enables the detection of intruders jumping over the fence and packages thrown over the fence.

Maximal Detection Range (typical human with reflectivity ≥ 17%).Up to 60 m
Maximal Detection Range for a Low (10%) Reflective ObjectUp to 50 m
Angular resolution related to scan rate2 miliRadians @ 8 scan/sec

4 miliRadians @ 16 scan/sec

Maximal Scanning Angle100°
Beam Inclination Angle0 ±0.5°
Self -Adaptation of the Algorithm Thresholds to account for changing environment and moving vegetation.Yes
Provides Smooth Tracking of the Intruder by Automatic Slaving of PTZ by the Sensor or the CC Software.Yes
Simultaneous Detection of Walking and Crawling IntrudersYes
Pulse Repetition Frequency (PRF)12 kHz
Mounting Height1-30m
Output InterfaceDry contact / RS 485
Laser Safety ClassClass 1 (eye safe)
Operating Ambient Temperature– 25°C  ÷  + 55°C
Storage Temperature– 35°C  ÷  + 70°C
*Supply Voltage  (excl. heater)12VDC ±10% @ 0.7 A  (8.5 Watt)
Installation positionVertical / Horizontal
Enclosure ratingIP 67
**Weight5 Kg
**Dimensions (W x D x H)260 x 250 x 150 mm