Silvertel has developed analog telecom interface modules that are easy to use, small in size and yet require very few extra components. Available in single in line (SIL) or dual in line (DIL) packages.

SLIC module
Silvertel’s Subscriber Line Interface Circuit (SLIC) modules can be used for analog telephone line interface applications, enabling signals to be transmitted and received from a telephone line, feed power to the line and to monitor the line condition. The modules are ideal for use in ISDN Terminal Adaptors, Internet Telephony (VoIP), Computer Telephony Integration (CTI), Wireless Local Loop (WLL), Fixed Cellular Terminals (FCT), Fixed Wireless Terminals (FWT) and Small Office Home Office (SOHO) applications.

PSTN module
Silvertels’ PSTN interfaces are also known as Trunk Interfaces, Foreign exchange Office (FXO) circuits, Data Access Arrangements (DAA) and Central Office Interface Circuits (COIC). Silver Telecom PSTN modules are suitable for a wide range of applications, meeting the requirements of CTR21, FCC Pt.68, UL60950, AS NZ3260 and AS ACIF S043. The ability to provide a programmable d.c. mask, line and network impedances gives our PSTN modules the flexibility to be used in any market. On-Hook reception allows support for Caller Line ID and by using transformer isolation this provides high common-mode rejection for use in ungrounded systems as well.

Our Products

  • Ag2120
    PSTN, Product Info Ag2120 is a highly integrated trunk or PSTN/COIC interface, available in either a DIL or SIL package. The module boasts many integrated features, including a basic barrier on-chip [...]
  • Ag2130
    PSTN, Product Info Ag2130 is a low cost single channel PSTN Interface in a SIL package. The module provides many integrated features, including a basic barrier on-chip. It can be used [...]
  • Ag1110
    SLICS, Product Info Ag1110 is a low cost, long loop SLIC, in a space-saving single-in-line (SIL) package, requiring very few external components. Suitable for use in high line count applications such [...]
  • Ag1170
    SLICS, Product Info The world's first +3.3V only ringing SLIC. Also available as a +5V version, Ag1170 has a built in DC-DC converter to generate all of the tricky telecom and [...]
  • Ag1171
    SLICS, Product Info Ag1171 is a low cost single channel SLIC with a fully integrated DC-DC converter to generate all necessary battery and ringing voltages. The module only requires a single [...]