In hospitals and healthcare facilities, surveillance solution will not only increase security, but also controlling costs. Surveillance cameras can work to protect hospital employees and patients, and provide visual evidence to increase productivity and prevent dishonest claims. AirLive’s surveillance solution will provide hospitals with added flexibility in their video surveillance installations, as well as offering benefits such as remote monitoring.


Increase Security and Safety

Installing AirLive IP cameras throughout a hospital help to prevent crimes and break-ins and also allow operators to watch for troubled patients and monitor for unauthorized visitors in restricted areas. The safety of after office hour for hospital and healthcare facilities is very important. AirLive surveillance solution’s automatic alarms in case of camera tampering and trespassing can help to increase security guard efficiency significantly.

Prevent Dishonest Claims
AirLive surveillance solutions can easily provide visual evidence for patients or visitors falsely attest to injuring themselves on hospital property. AirLive provides high megapixel and maximum with 60fps IP camera which can catch the truth even when human eye cannot.
Protecting Business within Hospital

Coffee shops, convenience store and pharmacies, with their large store of expensive and controlled stock and constant demand for products could benefit from the protection offered by security cameras. AirLive offers video analytics intelligence IP camera which can help business within hospitals work actively to reduce threat and increase security.

Visual Evidence for Investigation

Surveillance cameras can provide invaluable visual evidence for investigations of criminal activity and other specific events that have taken place within or around healthcare facilities. AirLive’s IP cameras also provide local SD-card recording option as extra footages security in case of the surveillance system has been damaged.

Solution Sample

AirLive Speed Dome SD-2020 - Smart tracking (Optional)