The benefits of AirLive surveillance solution are the variety selections of IP cameras and suitable for all educational indoor environments including hallways, classroom, libraries and outdoor application including entrances, parking lots and sport facilities.


Automatic alerts around the clock

AirLive has IP cameras which support to send out alerts automatic when detected intruders. By doing so, the solution can save costs on security guards and increase security efficiency by decrease chances of false alarm.

Remote Monitoring for Child Care

AirLive surveillance networking solutions offer customer to have remote monitoring even with their mobile devices. Every parent can view their precious children from their mobile devices.

Easy Installation

AirLive surveillance solutions are easy to install. Unlike old-fashioned CCTV systems, all you have to do is mount the cameras – no power tools or coaxial cable necessary. With AirLive’s bullet type outdoor IP Camera, users will not need to worry about the cables and enclosure.

Restrict Area Management

Restrict area management around the campus is extreme important for staff and student security and safety. AirLive surveillance solution will not only provide preventing intruder, but also use AirLive’s intelligence surveillance to analyze the video such as people counting

Solution Sample

AirLive Speed Dome SD-2020 - Smart tracking (Optional)

AirLive Speed Dome SD-2020 – 60fps Offers Extreme Smooth Recording