AirLive Surveillance networking solution has revolutionized the way retail professionals work with loss prevention, fraud detection, security and customer service. Surveillance Solution can be used as a tool to study customer’s purchasing behavior by analyzing the video imaging.


Cost Advantages

AirLive provide variety of IP cameras which equips with different resolutions. For retail/ supermarkets surveillance users, they can easily use AirLive’s retail series IP cameras which provide high-quality video imaging with cost advantages.

Increase Profitability

AirLive Surveillance Networking solution helps to improve staff planning and retail/ supermarket’s layout. Surveillance solution users can even study customer’s purchasing behavior base on analyzing the imaging to increase profitability.

Easy Installation

AirLive provides modern store security camera systems utilize IP cameras, which can be either wired or wireless over a computer network. IP cameras can be installed by the user and re-configured to fit changing needs. They also allow you to broadcast recording footages over the internet, making it easy for you to monitor your store security cameras at any times.

Solution Sample

AirLive Retail Surveillance Application Installation Guide

AirLive IP Surveillance Camera for Retail Applications