Logistic has unique needs on security system since the goods and staffs are constantly moving during the office hour. The loading, unloading and transit of goods require advanced and cost-effective security solutions. Not only do they have to protect expensive and fragile goods from theft and damage in transit but they also have to be able to ensure that human errors, such as loading errors, are fully documented.


Prevent Theft

Logistic companies need high level of surveillance solution to prevent theft after office hour. With Video Analytic features from AirLive, entrance and forbidden zone will be watched over all the time. This will also increase the efficiency of security guard.

Protecting the Goods

Applications like Logistics require high level of security due to the goods are moving so rapidly. With AirLive’s Speed Dome that equips 20x optical zoom and maximum of 60fps, any suspicious movement will be recorded. AirLive’s outdoor ready bullet IP camera also offers docking area security and safety control.

Visual Evidence

Logistic company deliveries and collects the goods and deliver them to dealers or end-users. It is almost impossible to completely eliminate cases of damaged goods, loading errors or other kinds of loss. AirLive surveillance solution’s high megapixel with maximum 60fps IP camera can storage footages and use as evidences when it could not be established who caused what damage.

Easily integrated

A further advantage of the AirLive IP cameras is that they can be easily integrated with other security system with its Onvif standard. AirLive’s IP camera offers easy installation with DIDO for customers who want to use output for alarms or access control. AirLive’s NVR also support Onvif IP cameras to allow users to view and record with existing IP cameras and expand their surveillance scale.

Solution Sample

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