The PLS product line is targeted at end users which need a lower level of security.

PLS 360 scans a circular and detect intruders by creating a horizontal circle of 200m in diameter. It is used for securing platforms such as large roofs or landing platforms (Heliport) etc.

Maximal detection range (typical human with reflectivity ≥ 17%)Up to 60 m
Maximum Detection Range for a  low (10%) reflective objectMax. 50 m
Angular resolution1 miliRadians (0.057°)
Maximal scanning angle360°
Beam Inclination Angle0° ÷ 5° Factory Preset
Number of Tracked Objects16  simultaneously
Adaptivity to periodically movement objects (trees, bushes, etc.)Yes
Scan Rate2 Hz
Pulse Repetition Frequency (PRF)12 kHz
Mounting Height0-8m
Possibility additional tracking PTZ Dome camera / spotlight.Yes
Output interfaceRS485 Half duplex / PTZ / Dry contact
Laser protection classClass 1 (eye safe)
Operating Ambient Temperature– 30°C  ÷  + 50°C
Storage Temperature– 50°C  ÷  + 80°C
Supply voltage12 VDC ± 10% @ 0.7 A  (8 Watt) (starting 1.6A)
Heater Supply voltage12 VDC ± 10% @ 1.6 A  (20 Watt)
Installation positionVertical / Horizontal
Enclosure ratingIP 67
*Weight1980 g.
*Dimensions (H x W x D)187 x 130 x 145 mm