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Welcome to our official website, where products and solutions all come together! In our website you can find information about the company and the services we offer. You can also get some important information about the products, design and development tools that can improve your working environment. We, in GR Communication, put our customer and his needs first.

We provide products and solutions in 3 main markets.

The first market is the embedded market which is based on Texas Instruments DSP (Digital Signal Processor). We are Texas Instruments 3rd party company, and we provide TI DSP development  tools for customers who base their embedded product design on Texas Instruments DSP.

JTAG Emulators

The development tools include JTAG Emulators, Evaluation boards and Texas Instruments Code Composer Studio, which is the development S/W environment.

We are the exclusive representative in Israel of Spectrum Digital which is a leading company that provides Texas Instruments DSP development tools and JTAG Emulators.

POE -  Power Over Ethernet

Another market in which we are active is the POE (Power Over Ethernet) market. In this market we offer a complete end-to-end line of products, starting from the PSE side - POE switches, POE injectors, special cables. For the Power device side (PD), we provide POE modules by Silvertel, who is a leading company that develops and manufactures POE modules compatible to the IEEE standard 802.3af and  802.3at. Silvertel also provides telephony modules like SLIC and Trunk Interface Modules

In the communication market, we provide products and solutions for indoor and outdoor wireless (WIFI) applications, based on AirLive product line. We also provide installation services for wireless applications like video security, point to point wireless link, wireless services (like wireless internet, hot spot etc.)   GR Communication is the exclusive representative in Israel of AirLive from Taiwan.

GR Communication is the exclusive representative in Israel of Airlive, Spectrum Digital, Signum, Link Research, NTT-IT, Silvertel, Adaptive Digital, Procell and Leaptronix. As a main value of our company we make sure to get for you the latest an up to date products so you will never have to worry about being left behind! Our agents get continuous guidance about all products so that you, as a customer, will get the most professional service.

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