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Ag102 is Silvertel’s first battery charger module, designed to help maximise battery life and reduce power consumption using intelligent charging techniques and our high efficiency DC-DC converter. This module is for use in charging 12V sealed lead acid (SLA) batteries of between 1.2Ah and 7Ah capacity.

·  Maximises Specified Battery Life
·  Reduces Power Consumption
·  Intelligent ‘Top-up’ Float Charge
·  Battery Reversal Protection
·  Very Wide DC Input Range 9V to 36V
·  Charge Condition Indicator outputs


    •     Maximises Specified Battery Life
    •     Battery Reversal Protection
    •     Reduces Power Consumption
    •     Very Wide DC Input Range 9V to 36V
    •     High Efficiency DC-DC converter
    •     Intelligent ‘Top-up’ Float Charge
    •     Programmable Charge Current
    •     Charge Condition Indicator outputs
    •     Temperature Compensation
    •     Overload & short-circuit protection
    •     Simple integration

Ag102 Evaluation Board

This evaluation board is designed to work with the Ag102 Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) battery charger module. This evaluation board can be powered by a bench power supply with a range of 9V to 36V. It is capable of charging SLA batteries with a capacity of between 1.2Ah and 7Ah.

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