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Silvertel’s Ag210 PoE constant-current LED driver module is designed to combine high power LED lighting applications with PoE connectivity. Conforming to the latest IEEE802.3bt Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) standard the module provides an easily implemented solution for designers/integrators of LED lighting systems.

Key Features & Documents

IEEE802.3bt compliaType 3 Class 6 PoE PD

Compact DIL package – 51mm(L) x 30mm(W)

Overload, thermal & short-circuit protection

Input voltage range (44-57V)

User-configurable constant current output from 350mA-1000mA

Separate auxiliary DC user-configurable output

High efficiency DC/DC conversion

v1-10V Analogue dimming control

Integral I2C Control

Minimal (low cost) external components required


Part Number



LED 300- 1000mA

Output Power



Ag210 Evaluation Board

The EvalAg210 is intended for testing and evaluation of the performance of the Ag210 IEEE802.3bt POE LED Driver  module. This evaluation board will work with a suitable Type 3 or Type 4 bt Power sourcing equipmet (PSE)  that are capable of providing power over the spare pair and  the data pair, such as the Ag6800 high power PoE PSE module. Please use the links provided to buy boards or download the user  manual.

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