• Description

    Din-Rail RS485 to WiFi Ethernet Serial Device Server

    DR404 is a Din-rail WiFi serial device server which can realize bidirectional transparent transmission between RS485 and WiFi / Ethernet.

    • Standard Din-rail, Industrial-grade
    • Hardware Protection
    • Based on wifi network
    • Support modbus gateways


    DR(Din-Rail)series products are our newly launched devices which include
    serial device server, 4G cellular modem, 4G industrial router and other product
    models, Equipped with 35mm din-rail clasp, this products are more suitable for

    device connecting internet.
    Based on wifi network:DR404


    Introduction of DR(Din-Rail)series products

    Features of DR404.jpg


    Product Detail

    PC + ABS material, light and easy to carry, low cost, high performance,
    V0 class flame retardant rating, to ensure the safety


    Product Detail Of WIFI serial device server USR-DR404


    Din-rail Installation

    Compact size, less space, wide application, Guide buckle, flexible and easy to install,
    less management and maintenance, high cost performance.


    WIFI serial device server USR-DR404 with Din-rail Installation design

    Fundamental Function

    Bidirectional Transparent transmission
    between RS485 and Wi-Fi / Ethernet



    Fundamental Function of WIFI serial device server USR-DR404

    Function Structure

    Function Structure introduction of WIFI serial device server USR-DR404,

    Working mode

    Transparent Transmission Mode

    Data is transmitted transparently between serial port and
    Wi-Fi / Ethernet via DR404, enabling data transfer
    between serial port device and network device


    Serial Command Mode

    The user sends data to the server according to the protocol
    and can send data to different servers without restarting.


    WIFI serial device server USR-DR404

    HTTPD Client Mode

    After the user completes the HTTP header with an AT instruction or
    web page setup, DR404 can pass data to or from the HTTP server.


    WIFI serial device server USR-DR404

    AT Command Mode

    Users can query the current status of DR404
    or set relevant parameters by sending AT instructions


    WIFI serial device server USR-DR404


    Modbus Gateways

    Mode of transferring data
    between Modbus TCP and Modbus RTU.

    Socket Distribution

    In transparent transmission mode, the serial device
    can send data to the specified Socket connection.
    Network data for each Socket are sent to
    the serial device via the serial port.

    Quick Networking Protocol

    Mobile phone connect to the AP of DR404,you can directly
    set the specified AP to which DR404 connects by querying
    surrounding AP’s SSID list through USR-LINK, which is
    convenient and fast. You can quickly connect to the Internet
    without operating DR404.

    Custom Registration Package,
    Heartbeat Package

    The registry package is used for easy device
    identification from the server.


    Features of WIFI serial device server USR-DR404
    Hardware Protection

    ESD 4 level Electrostatic Discharge Immunity, 3 level Surge Immunity,
    EFT 3 level Electrical Fast Transient / Burst Immunity.


    WIFI serial device server USR-DR404 with Hardware Protection function
    WIFI serial device server USR-DR404
    WIFI serial device server USR-DR404


    Packing list
    Packing list one serial device server and Wi-Fi antenna, if you need power adapter,
    contact our sales.


    WIFI serial device server USR-DR404: Related Production


    Application Case
    Smart Factory Data Collection and Transmission
    DR404 is connected to the serial port device in the factory, and the device
    operation data is uploaded to the local monitoring platform or USR cloud
    platform in real time. Through the monitoring platform, the staff can
    dynamically understand the operation of the monitored equipment.
    WIFI serial device server USR-DR404
  • Product Specification


    Port Number1 Ethernet Ports: 1 x WAN/LAN
    BufferRX/TX: Max 4K bytes
    Protection2KV Electromagnetic isolation for Ethernet port
    Speed Rate10/100Mbps, MDI/MDIX


    WiFi802.11 b/g/n
    TransmitPower802.11b: +19dBm(Max.@11Mbps)

    802.11g: +18dBm(Max.@54Mbps)

    802.11n: +17dBm(Max.@HT20,MCS7)


    User can configure power
    ReceiveSensitivity802.11b: -89dBm(@11Mbps)

    802.11g: -81dBm(@54Mbps)

    802.11n: -73dBm(@HT20,MCS7)



    485 interface (anti surge, anti thunder, overcurrent protection)
    Input VoltageDC5~36V
    Operating Temp-40℃~85℃


    Network ModeStation/AP/AP+Station
    Work ModeTransparent transmission/Serial command/

    HTTP Client/Modbus TCP<=>Modbus RTU

    SettingCommandAT+ command
    Networking ProtocolTCP/UDP/ARP/ICMP/DHCP/DNS/HTTP
    Max Client Numberin TCP Server Mode24
    ConfigurationWeb server+AT command
    Customer application softwareSupport customize application software
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